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80 amp mppt solar charge controller


Maximum Power Point Tracking Charge Controller

Max PV Source Voltage(open circuit):150VDC

Max Input/Output Current:80 AMPS DC

Max Battery Charge Voltage:68 VDC

Nominal Battery Voltages:12/24/48/Automatic

Range of Operation PV Voltage:0~145 VSC

Operating ambient Temperature range:-20~55℃

Dimensions H/W/L(mm):120/220/310



VictorTeam series MPPT solar charge controller has two maximum charging current options of 65 amp and 80 amp, which is suitable for 12, 24, 48V solar system. VT MPPT series has IP54 protection grade, all-aluminum shell efficient heat dissipation,These high quality solar charge controllers offer the highest efficiency and the fastest regulation for similar products on the market. The combination of the VT solar regular and XTS、XTM、XTH results in a highly efficient hybrid solution.

48v solar charge controller


Compatible with most battery technologies

·like: AGM, GEL, Flooded LA NiCad, NiFE, Aquion, Redox, Lithium.

4 stage charging, prolong the battery life

·Bulk, Absorption, Float, Equalization

Up to 15 sets can be used in parallel

·5kW per unit and up to 15 units in parallel:75kW

It can achieve synchronization battery management with the XTS, XTM, and XTH battery charger/Inverter

·VT series solar controller and XTS, XTM, XTH can maximize the efficiency of energy use

Remote monitoring function

·Local monitoring and data acquisition through RCC.

·Monitoring system through mobile APP SmartEss.

·Monitor the system through the Web side.

Multiple electronic protection

·Protection against incorrect wiring

·Protection against reverse polarity

High efficiency and low energy consumption

·High conversion efficiency >98%(CEC@Ubat 48V)

·Low self-consumption:<1W in night mode

Solar charge controller with remote display

Model VT-80
Electrical characteristics PV array side
At nominal battery voltage 12V 24V 48V
Maximum solar power recommended (@STC) 1250 W 2500 W 5000 W
Maximum solar open circuit voltage 75V 150V
Mavimum solar functional circuit voltage 75V 145V
Minimum solar functional circuit voltage Above battery voltage
Electrical characteristics battery side
Maximum output curernt 80 A
Nominal battery voltage Automatic/ manual set to 12, 24 or 48 V
Operating voltage range 7-68V
Performances of the device
Power conversion effciency (in a 48V typical-system) >99 %
Maximum stand-by self-consumption (48V) 25 mA>1.2 W
Maximum stand-by self-consumption (24V) 30 mA>0.8 W
Maximum stand-by self-consumption (12V) 35 mA>0.5 W
Charging stages 4 stages: Bulk,Absorption, Float, Equalization
Battey temperature compensation (available with accessory BTS-01) -3mV/℃/cell(25℃ ref) default value (adjustable )-8 to 0mV/℃
Electronic protections
PV reverse polarity Up to-150V
Battery reverse polarity Up to-150V
Battery overvoltage Up to 150V
Over temperature Protected
Reverse current at night Prevented by relays
Operating ambient temperature range -20 to 55°℃
Humidity 100%
Ingress protection of endosures IP54, IEC/EN 60529:2001
Mounting location indoor
General data
Waranty 2 years
ISO Certification 9001:2008/14001:2004
Weight 5.5kg
Dimensions h/w/l [mm] 120/220/350
Parallel operation (separated PV arrays) Up to 15 devices
Max wire size 35 mm2
Glands M20× 1,5
Network cabling Fangpusun communication BUS
Remote control & Communication RCC-02/-03, Xcom-232i/Xcom-LAN/Xcom-GSM/Xcom-SMS
Menu languages English/ French/ German/ Spanish
Datalogging With RCC-02/03, Xcom-232i on SD card:One point every minute


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