Remotely monitor Bolanmu Energy equipment all over the world

    With the development and popularity of new energy, so far the use of renewable energy is still unstable, so we make the Vario series solar charge controller and XTS,XTM,XTH,PSM,PSH Hybrid Inverter/Charger equipment to develop a complete monitoring system, no matter when and where through the data monitoring and analysis, Can deeply understand the operation of the new energy system, improve the efficiency of the new energy system.

bolanmu New Energy System has three monitoring and control methods:

  1. Use RCC series products to monitor and control the system
  1. Use APP SmartEss Monitoring of mobile terminal to monitor the system
  1. Log on to WEB: to monitor system, which is more suitable for PC terminal

The monitoring is possible both RCC and remotely with all Bolanmu battery charger/inverter and VictoryTeam/VarioString MPPT chargers.

1.Monitoring and control through the RCC family of products

    VictorTeam MPPT solar regulator through Can cable, so that relevant data can be monitored on the RCC. Such as the solar charge controller charging current, battery charging and discharging conditions and inverter related data and so on. RCC has a built-in SD card. Without the network, the key data of the system can also be recorded. After the data is extracted, the system can conduct accurate analysis.

2.Monitoring through the phone/tablet App——SmartEss

    Remote monitoring and acquisition of new energy system data on mobile phones and tablets is very necessary in today’s life .For IOS and Android phones and tablets, you can download the SmartEss monitoring App, which allows you to connect to your new energy system and see its data at a glance. Through the APP, you can see:

  1. Real-time energy flow diagram, can clearly see the PV panel power generation, grid input power, inverter output load power, etc.
  2. Data chart of load power and grid power. The bar chart shows the load power and grid power parameter records in different time periods.
  3. Real-time data details, where you can see the current data of the system, such as battery voltage, battery temperature, charging current and so on.

3.Monitoring through the Web site ——

    PC monitoring only needs to open a browser to log in to, you can view the relevant data, whether production or consumption end, history log or alert log.