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Professional Hybrid Inverter/Charger Manufacturer

Reliable Hybrid Inverter/Charger Supplier

Reliable Hybrid Inverter/Charger Supplier

Wenzhou Bolanmu Energy Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of solar energy equipments in China with more than ten years’ experience. At Bolanmu, we mainly manufacture and sell solar charge controllers and Hybrid Inverter/Charger to the global market, and provide professional Energy storage solutions to customers.The company has a group of senior R & D engineers, production management personnel and skilled production workers.Bolanmu also to provide customers with solar charge controller and power inverter OEM services. 





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Bolanmu Hybrid Inverter/Charger Series

European Quality,Chinese Price


How can We Help Your Business

High Quality

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we believe that the use of high quality components and rigorous testing is just one of the ways we provide the best products and services to our valued customers.

Low Price

Our company offers competitive pricing in comparison to well-known European brands. We take pride in providing high-quality products at reasonable rates, which are accessible to a diverse range of consumers.

Delivery Time

Through effective inventory management, you can increase the efficiency of your operations and enhance your reputation as a reliable and customer-focused business.

Hard Serive

3-5 year warranty service. In case of man-made product damage, we will try our best to provide customers with maintenance guidance and accessory support

Customer Testimonialt

John Doe
John Doe
XTM series Hybrid Inverter/Charger stable operation
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We are delighted to inform you that the XTM series products possess commendable quality and boast of consistent stability during operation. It is with great pride that we share our belief in the reliability of these products, and we have no doubt that they will prove up to our expectations. We remain confident that utilizing these products will enhance our efficiency and productivity with ease and precision.
Nancy Zhu
Nancy Zhu
OEM Service
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Bolanmu OEM services are highly advantageous and a positive addition to our business portfolio. Bolanmu has ability to provide customized solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients and their respective industries. Bolanmu team of professionals works diligently to ensure that our OEM services result in exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.
FM80 MPPT works well
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The FM80 solar charge controller is an excellent option for solar projects in Africa. With its reliable performance and efficient energy management features, it is ideal for use in a range of applications, from small off-grid systems to larger commercial installations. Whether you are looking to power a remote cabin or run an entire village, the FM80 delivers consistent results and offers a sustainable solution for your energy needs. With its rugged construction and global certifications, you can trust that the FM80 will perform reliably in even the harshest of environments. Choose the FM80 for your next solar project and experience the proven performance that has made it a favorite of solar professionals worldwide.


Please contact our sales staff for details.

We support multi-channel payment.

Hybrid Inverter/Charger warranty for 5 years, Solar Charge Controller warranty for 2 years

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About us

Wenzhou Bolanmu Energy Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer  and  supplier  of PV products in  China  with more than ten years’ experience. At Bolanmui, we mainly manufacture and sell  solar charge controllers  and  inverters  to the global market, and provide professional battery storage solutions  to customers.The company has a group of senior R & D engineers, production management personnel and skilled production workers.Bolanmu have been able to  produce  some of the most efficient solar charge controller MPPT  and  pure sine wave inverters  on the market today,but also to provide customers with solar charge controller and power inverter  OEM services.


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