Marine Power Solutions

Marine Power Solutions

For those who need to spend a long time or prefer to stay on the water, the Bolanmu Solar Regulator and Marine Battery charger/Inverter smart hybrid power system provides reliable, efficient mobile clean power, no matter where you are at sea. The smart hybrid power system uses solar power, the grid and an internal combustion generator to keep the battery charged. When setting parameters, the generator can be switched on automatically, greatly reducing the interference of generator noise on Marine life. From navigation and communication equipment to making a cup of coffee and baking a piece of bread, Bolanmu will provide you with an electric solution for your life at sea!

A variable speed generator produces a precise 230VAc electrical voltage directly from a boat or vehicle engine,independently of engine speed. One problem is that the power output depends on speed of the engine. By adding to the system an Bolanmu Battery Charger/Inverter, it is possible to ensure a constant power at the output whatever the speed of the engine,which allows the use of all loads at all times.

Choose Bolanmu

Complete Marine Power Solutions. We offer the best electric energy storage and output solutions to suit commercial and recreational offshore vessels. When you’re dealing with unstable coastal power or solar power becomes stable.

Proven Performance.Our products have strong performance and excellent service life. In particular, our Battery charger/Inverter provides power guarantee for many medical laboratories in China. Bolanmu gives customers peace of mind in the face of unpredictable power failures.

Hard service.Bolanmu’s PV products have a 3-5 year warranty service. In case of man-made product damage, we will try our best to provide customers with maintenance guidance and accessory support. We stipulate that sales and after-sales staff of Bolanmu must reply and deal with all information inquiries within 24 hours. Warmly welcome new and old customers from all of the world for business discussion.

Marine power system Applications

Communication | Navigation | Fishfinder | Laptop | Camera & Video | Security | Lighting | Video Surveillance | AC Fridge/ Freezer | Microwave | Coffeemaker