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AJ 2400-24-S

Battery Voltage: 21–32Vdc
Output Voltage:Pure sine wave230Vac/120Vac
Output frequency:50/60HZ
Continuous power:2000 Va
Power 30 min: 2400Va
Power 5 s:5200Va

Solar regulator  voltage max:45Vdc

Solar regulator  current max:30Adc
Dimensions(mm): 273/399/117
Warranty:5 years



AJ 2400-24-S

The AJ 2100-12-s series pure sine wave inverters convert battery voltage into high-quality 230/120Vac which can be used for all electrical appliances.Designed to meet industrial and domestic needs the AJ is the optimal solution for stand-alone applications fulfilling the highest requirements in terms of comfort,safety and reliability.Manufactured in China with a 5-year warranty and delivered with AC-and battery cables,the AJ it is a true “plug and forget solution”.


Reliable and compact for your small to medium sized system

  • High and steady efficiency
  • Outstanding overload capabilities
  • Digital regulation and control by microprocessor
  • Electrical supply to any type of appliance
  • Full internal protection
  • Battery lifetime optimization(B.L.O.)function
  • Plug&Play,suplied with battery and AC cables


Optional built-in solar regulator

  • Optional integrated PWM solar charge controller with 3 stages (I/U/UO)


AJ inverter application AJ inverter application


  • Remote control (JT8)enables the control (ON/OFF) and the status display(On,Standby, Temporary Off)
Technical data AJ500-12-S AJ 600-24-S  AJ 700-48-S AJ 2100-12-S AJ 2400-24-S
Nominal battery voltage 12Vdc 24Vdc 48 Vdc 12 Vdc 24Vdc
Input voltage range 10.5-16Vdc 21-32Vdc 42-64Vdc 10.5-16Vdc 21–32Vdc
Continuous power@25℃ 400 VA 500 VA 500 VA 2000 VA 2000VA
Power 30 min.@ 25℃ 500 VA 600 VA 700 VA 2100 VA 2400VA
Power 5 min.@ 25℃ 575 VA 675 VA 900VA 2450 VA 2800VA
Power 5 sec.@ 25℃ 1000VA 1200 VA 1400 VA 5000 VA 5200VA
Asymmetric load 250 VA 300 VA 300VA 1000 VA 1200VA
Max.efficiency(%) 93 % 94 % 94% 92 % 94%
Cos j max. 0.1-1up to 400 VA 0.1-1up to 500 VA 0.1-1up to 500VA 0.1-1up to 2000VA 0.1 – 1 up to 2000VA
Detection of the load Adjustable: 1 to 20W
Short-circuit current AC 2 sec. 5.2 Aac(10.4 Aac*) 5.7 Aac(11.4 Aac*) 7 Aac(14Aac*) 26 Aac(52Aac*) 30Aac (60Aac*)
Output voltage Sine wave 230 Vac(120Vac*)±5 %
Frequency 50Hz(60Hz*)±0.05%(crystal controlled)
Distortion THD (resistive load) <3%(@Pnom&Uinnom.)
Consumption   Stand-by 0.4 W 0.6 W 1.5 W 0.7W 1.2W
Consumption  “ON”no   load 4.6 W 7.2 W 12W 16W 16W
Overheat protection(±5℃) Shut down@75℃-Auto-restart@70℃
Overload and short circuit protection Automatic disconnection with 2 time restart attempt
Reverse polarity protection as intemal fuse 120 A 90 A 60 A Not protected 150A
Deep discharge battery protection Shut [email protected]×Uom-Automatic restart@Unom
Max. battery voltage Shut off@>1.33×Unom-Automatic restart@<Umax
Acoustic alarm  Before low battery or overheating disconnection
General data
Weight 4.5 kg 19KG 18 kg
Dimension h/w/l[mm] 142/240/84 273/399/117
Protection index IP IP 30 conforms to DIN 40050
Certification ECE-R 10 (E24) ×
Conformity Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2014/35/EU: EN/IEC 62109-1, 62109-2, 62477-1
Electromagnetic Compliance (EMC) Directive 2014/30/EU: EN/IEC 61000-3-3, 61000-6-2, 61000-6-4, 62040-2
Operating  temperature  -20℃ to +50℃
Relative humidity in operation 95 % without condensation
Ventilation forced From 45℃±5℃
Acoustic level <45 dB(with ventilation)
Approximate correction of Pnom  -1.5%/℃ from +25℃
Recommended  battery  capacity >5×Pnom/Unom(recommended value in Ah)
Length cables(Battery/AC out)  1.5m/1 m  1.7m/1 m
Bulit in PWM
Solar regulator Voltage max. 25 Vdc 45 Vdc 90 Vdc 25 Vdc 45Vdc
Current max. 15 Adc 30 Adc
Principle Floating 3 stages (I/U/UO)
Absorption voltage 14.4Vdc 28.8Vdc 57.6Vdc 14.4Vdc 28.8Vdc
Floating voltage 13.6Vdc 27.2Vdc 54.4Vdc 13.6Vdc 27.2Vdc
Remote control (RCM-01/-02/-03)



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