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What inverter is suitable for marine power systems?

What inverter is suitable for marine power systems?



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What inverter is suitable for marine power systems?

Generally speaking, there are three main sources of power for a ship sailing on the sea: generator, shorepower storage and renewable energy. The instability of renewable energy can't be the only source of electricity at present. For a ship sailing on the sea, the main sources of electricity are generally generators and battery storage.

   In the case of a boat equipped with an on board generator.When the boat is at sea, the energy source is the on board generator. But when the boat is moored into port, the energy source is also the shorepower. In most cases, these two ac sources have different powers.

The on board generator might provide 16A as the shorepower only 8A. This will require many changes during docking or departure at sea of the boat.

With the automatic management of two different energy sources, all these changes belong to the past.,bolanmu's XTM XTH XTS PSM PSH battery charger/Inverter can fully achieve.

A boat docked at the port during the night will be connected to the dock (max. current of the ac source = 8A). When the boat goes at sea, its power source becomes the generator (max. current of the ac source = 16A ).

At midday, the boat returns to port and connects back to the dock (max. current of the ac source= 8A).

The boat heads for sea again for the afternoon and uses the generator as energy source (max. current of the ac source = 16A).

Bolanmu Battery Charger/Inverter suitability in marine power systems

First, check the four scenarios for the Bolanmu XTMXTHXTSPSMPSH Battery charger/Inverter。


When the ship comes into port and the Bolanmu Battery Charger/Inverter connects to the port power supply,The power is delivered from shorepower AC out = AC in.The battery is automatically charged.

情况 2 

When shorepower power and generators are unavailable, renewable energy sources such as solar and batteries are powered by inverters, and the only source of electricity is the battery.


When ships are at sea, using a generator powered by solar power, the Bolanmu Battery Charger/Inverter will automatically switch and adapt to the generator power supply.

情况 4

If the ship enters the port, the port power and generator input terminals in the system are present at the same time. This time Bolanmu Battery Charger/Inverter automatic choice port power as the power input end, this time AC OUT=AC IN, the battery will be charged.

Ensured constant power to a variable speed 发电机系统

A variable speed generator produces a precise 230VAc electrical voltage directly from a boat or vehicle engine,independently of engine speed. One problem is that the power output depends on speed of the engine. By adding to the system an Bolanmu Battery Charger/Inverter, it is possible to ensure a constant power at the output whatever the speed of the engine,which allows the use of all loads at all times.

Example of Power curve (system with an XTH 6000-48)

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