Home Off-Grid & Back-Up Power Solutions

Home Off-Grid & Back-Up Power Solutions

The home off-grid power supply system is not affected by the power grid and the environment, and you will have critical backup power to ensure the life of the family in bad conditions or when the power grid is interrupted. Whether you live in a small or large house, rural or urban, Bolanmu can guarantee you a supply of electricity all year round.

Bolanmu's widely selected 直流-交流逆变器, power inverter for home guarantee year-round power supply for food in the home refrigerator, It is also possible to build an intelligent hybrid power system to save on energy costs and build an off-grid power with VT series 太阳能充电控制器 with solar panels system you can rely on.

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Complete RV Power Solutions.We offer the widest selection of products to accommodate RVS of all shapes and sizes. Customize a powertrain and enjoy the freedom of RV travel!

经验证的性能.Our products have strong performance and excellent service life. In particular, our Battery charger/Inverter provides power guarantee for many medical laboratories in China. Bolanmu gives customers peace of mind in the face of unpredictable power failures.

Hard service.Bolanmu's PV products have a 3-5 year warranty service. In case of man-made product damage, we will try our best to provide customers with maintenance guidance and accessory support. We stipulate that sales and after-sales staff of Bolanmu must reply and deal with all information inquiries within 24 hours. Warmly welcome new and old customers from all of the world for business discussion.

Off-Grid Power Applications

Communication | Security | Video Surveillance | Lights | Power Tools | Residential Appliances | Electric Fence | Sump Pump | Office Equipment | Camera & Video Gear