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Wenzhou Bolanmu Energy Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of solar energy equipments in China with more than ten years' experience. At Bolanmu, we mainly manufacture and sell solar charge controllers and inverters to the global market, and provide professional battery storage solutions to customers.The company has a group of senior R & D engineers, production management personnel and skilled production workers.Bolanmu have been able to produce some of the most efficient solar charge controller MPPT and pure sine wave inverters on the market today,but also to provide customers with solar charge controller and power inverter OEM services. 


The factory in Bolanmu has advanced manufacturing , commissioning and testing equipment for the production line of solar charge controllers and solar inverters.

Hard service

Bolanmu's solar energy products have a 3-5 year warranty service. In case of man-made product damage, we will try our best to provide customers with maintenance guidance and accessory support.


After more than ten years of professional efforts in the field of solar energy.


We must respond to all inquiries (including after sales inquiries) within 24 hours.


The fastest speed to your hands and long shelf life so you can use the product with confidence.


Whether in cold or hot, dry, etc., RV or marine application scenarios, our products guarantee reliability.


Wenzhou Bolanmu Energy Co.,Ltd, LTD. locates in Wenzhou PR of China. The company has a group of senior professional technical and management personnel, formed a set of science, industry, and trade as one of the operating systems.

Bolanmu is the leading solar power inverter manufacturer and wholesale off grid inverter supplier since 2010.

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Our production environment

The company gradually deepens the quality management step by step and strives to improve the product quality. Details determine quality, and quality casts brand! The quality assurance is responsible for customers and users.


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