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XTM 2400-24

24 volt battery charger for boat 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter

电池电压: 19〜34伏直流电
输出电压:Pure sine wave230Vac/120Vac
输出频率:50 / 60HZ
持续功率:2000 Va
Power 30 min: 2400Va
Power 5 s:6000Va
maximum charging current: 55 Amp
Dimensions(mm): 133×322×466
保证:5 年



XTM 2400-24

XTM 2400-24 battery charger/inverter is the heart of your energy system and so the key element for a smart, efficient and smooth energy management.An XTM consists of the DC-AC Inverter, AC-DC Battery charger, AC-AC Transfer system, and UPS.

2 auxiliary contacts allow automatic control of a genset, the discoennection of non-priority loads or other programmable functions.

These functions can be controlled in a totally automatic way for an optimal management of available energy in hybrid systems, in combination with VictorTeam MPPT solar charge controllers.


Xtender inverter accessories


1.Compatible with most battery technologies

· like: AGM, GEL, Flooded LA NiCad, NiFE, Aquion, Redox, Lithium.

2.Transfer Switch(UPS、Back up power)

·0 ms transfer time when switching from Inverter to AC input source

·<0.15 ms transfer time when switching from Inverter to AC input source

3.Surge Capacity (inductive load)

·The inverter has a surge capability of 3X its continuous power rating.

·The inverter load can exceed the continuous output power for up to 30 minutes, allowing a power boost without triggering and overload failures.

·There is no need to choose more powerful inverters because of the excess load of a little time, which will greatly reduce the cost.

4.Ac input

·Can access 2 kinds of AC power supply, and the two kinds of AC power supply for programming.

·Compatible with any kind of AC source.

·6 stages battery charging:

·Bulk-Absorption-Floating-Equalization-reduced-floating-periodic absorption

·Solar priority or battery priority can be set.

5.Modular design

·Up to 2 sets in series to increase output power.

·Up to 3 parallel to increase single-phase output power.

·3 sets in parallel can form the three-phase power supply, up to 9 sets in parallel to form the three-phase power supply。

6.Remote monitoring function

·Local monitoring and data acquisition through RCC.

·Monitoring system through mobile APP SmartEss.

·Monitor the system through the Web side.

7.Electronic protection functions


·Battery overvoltage shutdown .


·Overtemperature and overload protection.

·Reverse polarity protection by internal fuse(except XTH3000).

·Acoustic alarm at deep discharge or overheating.

XTM guick guide_03 XTM guick guide_04


型号 XTM 1500-12 XTM 2000-12 XTM 2400-24 XTM 3500-24 XTM 2600-48 XTM 4000-48
Characterisation of the operating performance
电池标称电压 12V 12V 24V 24V 48V 48V
输入电压范围 9.5-17VDC 9.5-17VDC 19-34VDC 19-34VDC 38-68VDC 38-68VDC
持续功率 1500VA 2000VA 2000VA 3000VA 2000VA 3500VA
Power 30 min. 1500VA 2000VA 2400VA 3500VA 2600VA 4000VA
Power 5 sec. 3400VA 4800VA 6000VA 900oVA 6500VA 10500VA
最高 效率 93% 93% 94% 94% 96% 96%
Own consumption stand by 1.4W 1.4W 1.6W 1.6W 2.0W 2.1W
Own consumption ON 8.0W 10W 9W 12W 10w 14W
Acoustic level without ventilation 40分贝
Acoustic level with ventilation 45分贝
最大负荷 Up to short-circuit
Maximum asymmetric load Up to Pcont.
Load detection (stand-by) 2 至 25 瓦
cosφ 0.1-1
输出电压 Pure sine wave 230Vac (±2%)/120Vac(1)
输出频率 45Hz-60Hz(1)±0.05%(crystal controlled)
谐波失真 <2%
过载和短路保护 Automatic disconnection with 3 time restart attempt
过热保护 Warning before shut-off-with automatic restart
Charge Characteristic 6 steps: Bulk-Absorption-Floating-Equalization-reduced floating-periodic absorption
Number of steps, thresholds,end current and times completely adjustable with the RCC-02/-03
温度补偿 With BTS-01 or BSP 500/1200
Power Factor Correction(PFC) according EN 61000-3-2
最大充电电流 70A 100A 55A 90A 30A 50A
输入电压范围 150 to 265Vac/50 to 140Vac(1)
输入频率 45至65Hz
Input current max. (transfer relay)/Output current max. 50Aac/56Aac
Multifunction contacts 2 independent contacts(potential free 3 points,16Aac/5Adc)
Dimension h×w× [mm] 133×322×466
保护指数 IP20
工作温度范围  -20至55℃
运行中的相对湿度 95% 无冷凝
环控系统 Forced from 55
保修政策 2 年
重量 15Kg 18.5Kg 16.2Kg 21.2Kg 16.2Kg 22.9Kg



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