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10KWh All in one ESS with Hybrid Inverter



Bolanmu YTM-4000 10KWh 200Ah LiFePO4 ALL in one ESS with hybrid inverter is a fully-integrated home energy storage system with 5kWh or 10kWh LiFePo4 batteries, hybrid inverters compatible with any type of AC power and easily retrofitted into existing solar PV installations. The system has 2 auxiliary contacts that can be set up to store energy generated during the day, And discharge it at night when domestic demand peaks. We expect the battery pack to last about 15 years with more than 3,000 cycles.

电压 51.2V
电池容量 200Ah
充电电压 58V
放电截止电压 42V
最大充电电流 200A
最大放电电流 200A
通讯方式 100RS485/CAN
持续功率 3500Va
Power 30 min. 4000Va
Power 5 sec. 10500Va
充电电流 50A
Own consumption stand by 2.1W
输出电压 Pure sine wave 230Vac(±2%)/120Vac(1)
输出频率 45Hz-60Hz(1)±0.05%(crystal controlled)
Hamonic distortion <2%
Input voltage range(AC) 150 to 265Vac/50 to 140Vac(1)
输入频率 45至65Hz
转移时间 <15毫秒
最大负荷 Up to short-circuit
Maximum asymmetric load Up to Pcont.
Load detection (stand-by) 2 至 25 瓦
cosφ 0.1-1
过载和短路保护 Automatic disconnection with 3 time restart attempt
过热保护 Warning before shut-off-with automatic restart
MPPT Controller(Optional)
Maximum solar power recommended 5000W
Maximum solar open circuit voltage 150V
Maximum output curernt 80A
Power conversion effciency 99%
材质/颜色 Metal/White
尺寸 230 *350 * 1430mm
重量 117kg
体温 Charge:0℃-50℃

Transfer Switch(UPS、Back up power)

– 0 ms transfer time when switching from Inverter to AC input source.

-<0.15 ms transfer time when switching from Inverter to AC input source.


-Can access 2 kinds of AC power supply, and the two kinds of AC power supply


-Compatible with any kind of AC source.

-6 stages battery charging:

Bulk-Absorption-Floating-Equalization-reduced-floating-periodic absorption

-Solar priority or battery priority can be set.

Remote monitoring function

-Local monitoring and data acquisition through RCC.

-Monitoring system through mobile APP SmartEss.

-Monitor the system through the Web side.

Electronic protection functions

-Deep discharge protection.

-Battery overvoltage shutdown.

-Short circuit protection.

-Overtemperature and overload protection.

-Reverse polarity protection by internal fuse.

-Acoustic alarm at deep discharge or overheating.

ESS application diagram 1

ESS application diagram 2

ESS application diagram 3





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